Redaction software for education

Protect the identity of students and effortlessly comply with privacy standards set up by COPPA and FERPA. Educational institutions, school resource officers, and records specialists can redact information without a hitch, letting them respond to public record requests in record-breaking time.

Share knowledge, not private data

Educational institutes house a wealth of knowledge, but some of it can come in the form of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of students which could pose serious consequences if it finds its way into the wrong hands.​​

Whether it’s school records tracking students’ academic progress or surveillance cameras keeping an eye on them, we understand the unique dynamics of educational data.​​

That’s why VIDIZMO Redactor empowers schools and educational institutes to seamlessly redact student data from academic reports, student records, payment receipts and more.

Responsible data sharingRedaction solution for education

Automatically detect and track students and teachers faces in security camera footage, recorded classes, and events on campus, and redact them seamlessly.

Conceal Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in documents like disciplinary records, tuition payment receipts, financial aid documents, scholarship applications, and more. ​

Safely comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Open Public Records Act (OPRA), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Custodians can use AI-powered redaction workflows to cut down time to respond to record requests made by parents under FERPA and OPRA.​

Detect and redact spoken PII captured in audio and video such as classroom recordings, recorded conferences and meetings, assessment recordings, and video recordings of faculty events.

Campus security can employ advanced redaction techniques to protect students’ identities in incident videos and images before sharing them with law enforcement or parents.

Key capabilities

Censor PII in audio files

Automatically redact sensitive and private information from lecture recordings, counseling sessions recordings, and audio picked up from school events.

Search through records swiftly

Retrieve information for public record requests, regulators, and law enforcement quickly with AI-powered search by tags, spoken content, and more.

Give role-based access control to your users

Assign granular user roles and permissions for your compliance officers, record managers, and school administrators each with distinct permissions.

Custom redaction rules

Create your own redaction rules and redact information throughout school records and other files.​

Redact documents and media files in bulk

Bulk redact thousands of files in one go. Hide all sensitive information from educational records and other files without having to manually process them one by one.​

Audit logs

Maintain accountability for your educational institute in the event of mishaps. Generate precise activity tracking insights of all redaction actions.

Use AI-powered redaction

Harness the power of AI to automatically detect and help redact sensitive PII in CCTV footage, recorded classes, and events on campus, and more.

Transcription, translation, closed captions

Create 100% automated transcripts in 40+ languages when the audio is unclear and translate into over 50 languages to communicate with classrooms and educators worldwide.​

Secure automated workflows

Do away with unnecessary strain on your time and resources. Establish always-on automated workflows to securely redact sensitive information.​

OCR redaction

Automatically recognize text appearing in printed and handwritten school documents, and images using optical character recognition (OCR).​

Manual redaction

Cater to the specific needs of censoring content for exposure to children with full control over your manual redaction capabilities.

Secure platform

Stay safe from data breaches and attacks that leak student data. Ensure your data stays safe with an AES-encrypted, FIPS-compliant platform. ​

Redact anything with VIDIZMO Redactor

Video redaction

Automatically detect faces, persons, license plates, guns, and more in videos.

Image redaction

Redact PII, including faces, persons, license plates, weapons, and more in images.

Audio redaction

Redact audio recordings using transcripts or by drawing segments to mute or bleep them.

Document redaction

Redact names, SSNs, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and more​ in OCR and non-OCR documents.​

Protect student privacy, boost trust, and achieve compliance effortlessly

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