Redaction software for government agencies

Redact sensitive information from requested records to meet compliance with FOIA, GDPR, GIPA, and more. Streamline redaction processes to meet tight deadlines more quickly with AI-powered redaction software for videos, audio, images, and documents.

Bridge the trust gap with the public

The need for building greater trust between the government and the public is higher than ever. Hence, the government is striving to achieve the right balance between accountability and privacy.

The good news is that VIDIZMO Redactor helps maintain privacy by redacting sensitive information in records before providing them to any person who requests their access under FOIA, GDPR, GIPA, or similar programs.

Converging privacy and transparency
Redaction solution for government agencies

Truncate social security numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, and more with PII redaction.

Comply with AB 748 by redacting sensitive information in video and audio recordings.

Uphold national security by redacting classified information from documents.

Get rid of tedious manual redaction tasks with AI-powered redaction software.

Redact sensitive information from increasing body-worn camera (BWC) recordings with automated redaction.

Streamline FOIA and DSAR redaction processes with bulk redaction capabilities.

Key capabilities

AI-powered redaction

Automatically detect and redact PII, PHI, and more from videos, audio, images, and documents.

Secure platform

Store NARA records in a centralized, secure platform with the best-in-class encryption.

Audit trail

Protect the integrity of classified information with a tamperproof audit trail of activities.

Custom redaction rules

Create your own redaction rules for hiding sensitive information in government records.

Bulk redaction

Redact multiple records in a single go with bulk redaction of videos, audio, images, and documents.

Role-based access control

Define information access levels with granular role-based access control (RBAC).

Transcription and translation

Transcribe calls and translate multimedia and documents in more than 45 languages.

Spoken PII redaction

Redact phone calls made between diplomats to ensure the utmost national security.

OCR-based redaction

Redact archived, scanned documents and classified handwritten notes.

Secure automated workflows

Automate redaction workflows in a highly secure environment to meet strict FOIA deadlines.

Rapid file search

Save time searching past records and expedite public records request processing.

Manual redaction

Maximize redaction accuracy by leveraging manual redaction of videos, audio, images, and documents.

Redact anything with VIDIZMO Redactor

Video redaction

Automatically detect faces, persons, license plates, guns, and more in videos.

Image redaction

Redact PII, including faces, persons, license plates, weapons, and more in images.

Audio redaction

Redact audio recordings using transcripts or by drawing segments to mute or bleep them.

Document redaction

Redact names, SSNs, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and more​ in OCR and non-OCR documents.​

Ensure fast information request processing with federal redaction software

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