Redaction software for healthcare

Use AI-powered redaction to protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and protected health Information (PHI) of patients and comply with health Insurance portability and accountability act (HIPPA).​

A healthy commitment to data privacy​

The healthcare industry is tasked with caring for patients and their critical, sensitive data. The challenge lies in safeguarding patient data while complying with complex privacy regulations, risking breaches, and regulatory penalties.​​

​Our versatile redaction solution is tailored to help you meet HIPPA compliance by redacting private information from patient records, medical reports, insurance claims, clinical trial documents, telemedicine consultations, and more.

Healthy data protection
Redaction solution for healthcare

Redact faces, persons, and objects from security camera footages, telemedicine consults, and laboratory video recordings.

Hide PII, PHI, and biometric data of patients in medical records, health insurance documents, prescriptions, research studies, clinical trials, and more. 

Comply with HIPAA regulations and avoid costly penalties and loss of the institution’s reputation.

Pharmacies can redact Commercially Confidential Information (CCI) in their clinical reports to protect their competitive advantage.

Mute or bleep spoken PII captured in audio from calls, telemedicine sessions, recorded patient interviews, conference discussions, and more.

Save time by redacting sensitive information from a large number of medical files by bulk redacting them in one go.

Key capabilities

Censor PII in audio files

Redact sensitive and private information from call recordings and phone consultations automatically.

Search through records swiftly

Save time retrieving redacted medical records with AI-powered search by tags, spoken words, and more.

Give role-based access control to your users

Assign granular user roles and permissions for your healthcare institution’s legal, operational, and administrative personnel.

Custom redaction rules

Create your own redaction rules by creating custom patterns for medical records and other documents.

Redact documents and media files in bulk

Dealing with a ton of medical documents? No problem. Redact multiple files in a single go with bulk redaction of videos, audio, images, and documents.

Audit logs

Maintain comprehensive logs of user activities, system events, and access attempts to your redacted healthcare files.

Use AI-powered redaction

Use the power of AI to automatically detect and redact CCTV footage, surgery demonstrations, phone consultations, medical documents, and more.

Transcription, translation, closed captions

Medical professionals can collaborate and consult across borders with 100% automatically generated transcripts. Translate them into 50+ languages and generate closed captions too!

Secure automated workflows

Don’t let redaction slow down your healthcare duties. Set up automated, always-on secure redaction workflows.

OCR redaction

Don’t let redaction slow down your healthcare duties. Set up automated, always-on secure redaction workflows.

Manual redaction

Take control of your redaction by manually redacting sensitive information from medical files.

Secure platform

Stay safe from healthcare data breaches and attacks, and ensure your data stays safe with an AES-encrypted, FIPS-compliant platform. 

Redact anything with VIDIZMO Redactor

Video redaction

Automatically detect faces, persons, license plates, guns, and more in videos.

Image redaction

Redact PII, including faces, persons, license plates, weapons, and more in images.

Audio redaction

Redact audio recordings using transcripts or by drawing segments to mute or bleep them.

Document redaction

Redact names, SSNs, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and more​ in OCR and non-OCR documents.​

Simplify HIPAA compliance with VIDIZMO Redactor

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