Redaction software for legal

Uphold your professional dignity by smartly redacting sensitive information from videos, audio recordings, images, and documents with AI-powered redaction software.

Take the oath of guarding data

Legal attorneys are obligated to safeguard the sensitive information of their clients, including privileged information, personally identifiable information (PII), and more. ​

This is where the VIDIZMO Redactor comes into play. Redact legal transcripts and videos, audio recordings, images, and documents for evidentiary purposes with the leading AI-powered redaction solution.​

Data behind barsRedaction solution for legal professionals

Streamline the e-discovery process by redacting sensitive information from responsive documents.​
Redact privileged information from different media to ensure attorney-client privilege.
Comply with the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
Expedite legal transcription by leveraging artificial intelligence to create transcripts automatically.​
Redact scanned documents with optical character recognition (OCR)-based redaction.​
Easily integrate with file systems, case management systems and record management systems.

Key capabilities

AI-powered redaction

Automatically detect and redact police records, CCTV footage, audio clips, photos, and more.

Rapid evidence search

Save time on e-discovery with AI-powered search by tags, spoken content, and more.

Role-based access control

Assign granular user roles and permissions for the legal​ and paralegal staff.

Pattern-based redaction

Create your own redaction rules by creating custom patterns for legal documents.

Bulk redaction

Redact multiple files in a single go with bulk redaction of videos, audio, images, and documents.​​

Chain of custody

Present digital evidence in the court with an automated chain of custody report.

Transcription and translation

Create automated legal transcripts and automatically translate​ verbal evidence in court.

Secure automated workflows

Create automated, secure redaction workflows that remain operational even when you are off-duty or away from your workstation

Spoken PII redaction

Automatically redact spoken PII, including names, phone numbers, credit card CVV, SSNs, email addresses, etc.

OCR-based redaction

Automatically detect and redact sensitive information from scanned documents and images.

Encrypted platform

Fortify the security of legal evidence files by utilizing an impenetrable encrypted platform, safeguarding them from unauthorized access.

Manual redaction

Manually redact sensitive information from legal documents and evidence to enhance accuracy.

Redact anything with VIDIZMO Redactor​

Video redaction

Automatically detect faces, persons, license plates, guns, and more in videos.

Image redaction

Redact PII, including faces, persons, license plates, weapons, and more in images.

Audio redaction

Redact audio recordings using transcripts or by drawing segments to mute or bleep them.

Document redaction

Redact names, SSNs, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and more​ in OCR and non-OCR documents.​

Safeguard your client’s data today​

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